YOUR CONSULTANT IS Cassidae Pfeiffer

My Story

I love scentsy smells and warmers! The first party I went to, I was convinced I would not buy anything.  Direct selling parties were not for me.  Then I met the Scentsy consultant and was like whoa!  She doesn't seem like all of the other direct sales people.  She took a relaxed approach to introducing me to this fabulous product line.  At first I didn't want to join.  I did want lots of scentsy in my home.  I fell in love with the products.  A few months later I knew it was my time.  I wanted to be a part of this!  I approached her about joining and knew this would be a fun endeavor.  What i didn't know was how easy it would be to earn extra money to support my girl's biggest hobby, dancing!  Scentsy gives me freedom to keep up with their schedules.  Family time is why!  Scentsy family is my how!  Find me on Facebook at<!--endbody-->